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Try This Hair Company

The solution to satisfying your cravings
both physically and mentally.

When Science and Beauty interact interact causing complete rejuvenation in two flavours and these invigorating products.

For Men and Women.
All Hair Types.

Receive intense cleaning with potent ingredients and antioxidants to de-stress your hair and scalp, increase circulation, repair follicles, moisturize, hydrate, stimulate hair growth, restore ageing hair, and prevent premature greying. Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, R5 Serum with natural ingredients and restoration and healing properties.


SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - Coffee/Cocoa Bean, 500ml $40 each
INDIAN GOOSEBERRY (aka AMLA) is 2-times the power of ACAI berry and 17-times the power of pomegranate.
Cucumber to moisturize.
Lemon for strong strands and boosts growth.
Aloe Vera a great conditioner for smooth and shiny hair
Calendula to hydrate dry scalps, remove dandruff.
Peppermint only in our chocolate collection formulation.

CONDITIONER - Anti-static lubricant from coconut oil



Hair TREATMENT in coffee and chocolate, 250 ml, $40 each
Blueberry antioxidants flood your hair with Vitamins A, B5, C, E, and high iron content.


R5 hair growth serum

R5 HAIR GROWTH SERUM - ReGrow, ReNew, ReJuvenate, ReVive, RePair, for anyone suffering from hair loss. Contact me for pricing and photos of amazing results.


WARNING! Results may be addicting. You will love your hair and be overwhelmed with compliments.


Discover them here! 


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