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Colour Mirrors Oils Messages


Notice which of the coloured oils you are most drawn to and click on the bottle to find out more.  To purchase any bottle in the range, visit our Store.
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  • 1. The Sun - I Am (Yellow / Yellow)

    This bottle vibrates to the energy of the sun – the light source and the life force of the world. It also resonates with the energy centre at the centre of your being, the solar plexus. This first bottle acknowledges your I AMness, that feeling of being totally connected with your highest aspect. This is true power – the recognition that the Divine is in everything and oneness is the natural state of the universe. This bottle clears confusion and fear and is helpful for SAD and depression. Yellow is the colour of intellect, brightness, light and joy. The Colour Mirrors system as a whole is a journey of Ascension, and as Ascension is a by-product of joy, the only way the system could really begin was with a bottle which reflects that joy.

  • 2. The Moon - I Feel (Pale Blue / Royal Blue) Buy

    This bottle caries the energy of the moon and the tides, the seasons and cycles of existence. It relates to the throat, choice and taking responsibility for your word. It is helpful when you have difficulty communicating and making yourself heard. This bottle brings peace, connecting you with the angelic realms and enfolding you in a protective blue cloak. So far very few of your fears have manifested. Begin to have faith that what has kept you safe until now will continue to do so.

  • 3. Jupiter (Coral / Coral) Buy

    Jupiter is huge, expansive and powerful – and this bottle reminds you that you are too. The colour coral is made up of pink (love) and yellow (wisdom) and indicates a shift from old patterns of giving your power away, to fearlessly reclaiming who you are and what you are for. Now is the time to finally stand up and say: “This is who I am”. When you are able to do that with conviction, you will feel the full support of the universe and Jupiter’s beneficence in your life. This can be a time of great blessings if you are willing to unconditionally accept yourself with love and compassion.

  • 4. Uranus (Yellow / Deep Turquoise) Buy

    This planet signifies change and disruption of the old order. It is time to clear everything that no longer serves you and let go of old beliefs, structures, people and places that are not in alignment with your truth. This is the planet of the future and is about clearing everything that will not fit into the Golden Age of Aquarius. Expect the unexpected.

  • 5. Mercury (Green / Pale Green) Buy

    This bottle links to Gemini: movement, communication and versatility. It relates to those who are mercurial and quick-minded, with a sense of feeling that is swifter than logic. Begin to be the magician; the old pattern of being the trickster no longer serves you. All has to be upfront and clear in your dealings. The number five relates to issues of discipline and freedom, and the colour green signifies change and new beginnings. This bottle is about letting go of all the masks: everything you have used to hide behind has to be removed. The truth about your magnificence has to be told clearly, and if any part of you still wants to hide, it will make life quite difficult. The answer to the dilemma that this bottle presents is to be constantly aware of what makes you feel small and change that. This is your time. You can only be free by being honest with yourself.

  • 6. Venus (Pink / Pink) Buy

    Venus relates to love, harmony and joy in relationships. She brings love into your life when you learn that love from the outside comes when you reach a place of deep self-acceptance. Pink is the colour of unconditional love, and its message is that the more you are able to love yourself, the more abundant your life will be. A feeling of ‘not enough’ inside will always lead to a reality reflection of ‘not enough’ outside. This colour relates to all things feminine, including mothering. Now is the time to treat yourself to some of your own nurturing energy.

  • 7. Neptune (Turquoise / Deep Turquoise) Buy

    Neptune was the Roman god of the sea, ruling spirituality and the depths of the unconscious. The colour turquoise relates to mystery, illusion, miracles and faith. If this is your bottle, you are always able to hear others’ troubles. You are perceptive, intuitive and a great peace-bringer to those suffering difficulties, yet you tend to carry your burdens alone and may find it difficult to share your secrets with others. This is a time to trust that miracles can happen and that you are on the brink of something wonderful. Trust the process – it works.

  • 8. Saturn (Pale Violet / Deep Violet) Buy

    Saturn is old father time, stern and fair. He relates to destiny and what you have set up that is not negotiable. Time passes; you cannot stop its progress. Saturn helps you see that no one is judging you and that it is time to stop judging yourself. As you learn to create balance in your life, this bottle brings gifts of wisdom and a deeper understanding of who you truly are. It helps you overcome feelings of restriction and burden and find the gifts in your experiences. This is not a time to rush things. Saturn teaches the value of persistence and insists that any new structure must be built on a solid foundation.

  • 9. Mars (Red / Orange) Buy

    Powerful and warlike, Mars is the source of your fire energy. Use it wisely to change what needs changing rather than just being angry and frustrated. This bottle urges you not to spend your life being meek and angry. Say what needs saying rather than holding grudges that endlessly play in your head as: “I should have said”. Mars is a powerful ally when things need to be set in motion. Now is the moment for drastic action. This bottle energises you so that you can do and say what needs doing and saying.

  • 10. Wheel of Fortune (Gold / Olive) Buy

    This bottle says that now is the time to access your inner wisdom (gold) and activate your feminine power (olive). Olive is the green of the heart mixed with the gold in the solar plexus – your power centre. When power is connected to love it can never be abused and will always be a soft, feminine power. This bottle relates to an Egyptian lifetime and asks you to remember who you were at that time. Your power can be reactivated now as you stand before great changes in your life. You can do it. The wheel has turned and you have everything you need to make it work. Trust your heart.

  • 11. Duality (Deep Magenta / Clear) Buy

    The number 11 is a master number, and the hidden message in this bottle is that it is a last look at issues of separation (think of the twin towers on 11th September). It indicates a difficult life path as you struggle to bring together the light and the dark. Look deeper. The dark is deep magenta, the colour related to Divine love and healing. Hidden in these colours are the answers to all issues of separation. This is where you finally let go of your judgement of God who got you into the mess in the first place. This bottle helps you see that there has only ever been perfection in the imperfections of your life. Be willing to claim this level of mastery and fully accept the gift of Divine love that is available for you now and always.

  • 12. Heaven on Earth (Violet / Red) Buy

    Number 12 in the Tarot is the Hangman, which shows an image of a man hanging upside down – but with this bottle the colours are the right way up: violet is above red, crown is above base and heaven is above earth, implying that everything in between is also in its proper place. Yet with this bottle you are asked to look at what you believe is not perfect about your world. What are you still judging as not heaven and therefore not Divine? Where do you judge yourself or the world as imperfect? What is keeping you from living in heaven on earth? Let this bottle show you the core beliefs that are keeping you from living your perfect life.

  • 13. Transformation - Pluto (Dark Violet / Pale Violet) Buy

    The number 13 relates to Scorpio, the sign of death, regeneration and rebirth. This bottle relates to the scorpion and the phoenix and is about being able to go through the dark night of the soul and come out stronger. These colours signify the releasing of grief so that it might be used as service to the world. Stand up and let the world see the new you.

  • 14. Movement (Pale Turquoise / Pale Turquoise) Buy

    The number 14 is ruled by Mercury, which relates to communication and movement. This bottle is about magnetic communication with the public: the media, publishing, television and the internet. The unexpected can happen at any moment. Travel is in the air; good fortune is yours. Soon you will find the sanctuary your spirit calls for.

  • 15. Magician (Olive / Olive) Buy

    This bottle is about magic based on feminine power and hope for the future. Olive is made up of yellow and green, where green is the heart and yellow is the solar plexus, and this bottle combines them as love and power. The magician is the bringer of heaven to earth because he has owned his power to co-create. This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The number 15 reduces to 6 and relates to the planet Venus, which is about love and magic. All you have to remember is to include others in your magic and make sure you create for the good of the greater whole.

  • 16. The Tower (Olive / Lilac) Buy

    The image of the Tarot card is of a tower struck by lightning and a body falling, which is the exact image we saw on September 11, 2001. We all seem to be on the path of the tower in some way or another. In your own situation it relates to the explosion of the structures you hold on to because you believe them to be your comfort zones, even though they are no longer serving you. The colours, olive and lilac, are a clear indication of this vibration. Olive is made up of green and yellow, and in this bottle the colours show that your spirit (lilac) is asking you to move for your greater good so that you might begin to function with love (green) rather than from fear (yellow). This bottle says you are now being taken seriously as a spiritual being having a human experience and you can trust that your spirit will never let you down. Wherever change takes you, it will always be perfect.

  • 17. The Wish (Coral / Royal Blue) Buy

    This bottle relates to the star card in the Tarot, which has always had a connotation of wishes granted. Choosing these colours indicates that you have come to a place of grace, and at this point you can wish with the full knowledge that your wishes will be fulfilled. This is a time for positive payback – all the good you have done is about to be returned tenfold. This bottle signifies huge new possibilities. It may indicate a different way of viewing yourself, a new phase in your life or a change in status such as marriage or a new career.

  • 18. Spiritual and Material Conflict (Red / Rose Pink) Buy

    This is a difficult vibration because it denotes confusion and a struggle. You may feel a sense of betrayal when this number comes up. Notice what blocks you from bringing heaven to earth and where you still betray yourself by not believing that you are Divine. These colours are about bringing heaven to earth, the earth being the red, the lowest vibration and what you consider ‘real’: your health, money and relationships. This is the last bit of illusion to overcome so that you might bring the rose pink of love into everything in your life and see it all as part of your spiritual journey and the way back to the Allness. This bottle indicates a lifetime as a nun or monk.

  • 19. Buddhic Bliss (Pale Magenta / Pale Gold) Buy

    This bottle is about resurrection and new beginnings. It is a most positive colour combination, as the magenta denotes Divine love lit up and shining upon you, and the gold underneath denotes a deep sense of your own power and beauty. You have come through the dark night of the soul and now it is time to own heaven’s blessings of joy and love. You are the power in your life, and everyone would agree with you at this point. Enjoy this time of peace and plenty.

  • 20. Awakening (Magenta / Copper) Buy

    The awakening this bottle refers to is the soul awakening to its true self and understanding the essential truth that there is no separation. As you realise that the Divine is in everything, you begin to understand that where you are in this moment is where heaven is. You never left home in the first place. You are the Divine in a physical form, and with copper connected to magenta, you begin to understand that your physical form is the link between heaven and earth. Your soul and body are as one, and your awakening comes when you see that truth clearly. What seems furthest removed from spirit becomes Divine perfection unfolding when you see it all as Divine, all perfect.

  • 21. The Key (Gold / Yellow) Buy

    Traditionally at 21 you are given a key to the door. This is the end of a cycle and you have come of age. You are now fully responsible for what you create and how your life unfolds. Your courage has overcome many obstacles and you no longer doubt your abilities. Yellow brings joy, and gold is the colour of wisdom. This bottle says you can look forward to worldly gains and peace in your heart.

  • 22. Forgiveness (Deep Magenta / Pale Magenta) Buy

    This is a challenging number and relates to the Fool in the Tarot. The Fool has to start the journey again and again, but these colours hold the answers to the Fool’s predicament. Magenta relates to Divine love: this is a time to let go and let God. Surrender to your own highest knowing and allow the perfection of what is unfolding. You are starting a new cycle, and the more you let go of fear and connect with Divine love, the easier your path will be. These colours are strongly indicative of a healer’s journey and ask you to finally forgive God, and yourself as part of God. With forgiveness comes freedom and a sense of joyful expansion and creativity that ripples out to touch others. Remember what it is to be in faith and innocence and childlike awe. There is no other time than now.

  • 23. Initiation (Royal Blue / Royal Blue) Buy

    This bottle indicates an initiation successfully completed. What was so difficult in this last cycle of events has now passed on and you can be at peace. Royal Blue relates to the third eye, and this colour says that your insight can be trusted and it is safe to say what you see. It might be that you find it easier to write than to speak, but it is necessary that your wisdom is shared. It is time to step out of the darkness and back into the light, where all that you have learned can be used to teach others.

  • 24. Love, Money & Creativity (Pale Magenta / Pale Olive) Buy

    This is a time when it seems appropriate to look at the tapestry of your life and recognise that all the stitches were perfect – the light ones and the dark ones. The design you have woven is so cosmically, profoundly perfect that it leaves you breathless. You have to acknowledge that your conscious mind could not have worked out such a perfect design. You have always been taken to the perfect place at the perfect time to get to exactly this point in time, with all the gifts and understanding you have now. Well done. You are the master weaver, and your work is a work of art.

    Begin to acknowledge that the main part of the design is love and that where love shows in the design is where there is a glow that attracts others. Look at how the threads of love were woven through the design and what an important part of the picture that is. Now is the time to own the blessings of love, money and creativity in your life and the gifts of the past that brought you here. This is your heritage from past lifetimes. You have earned it all.

  • 25. Trust (Turquoise / Yellow) Buy

    This is the time to move beyond judgement. Begin to see how the flow and your faith have always taken you to exactly where you are meant to be. Use your intuition, trust your inner knowing and begin to be at peace with life. You have been given the ability to analyse so that you might understand the differences between things without labelling them as good or bad, and the gift of discernment to enable you to see clearly and make decisions from a basis of strength rather than fear. At the deepest level, use these gifts and follow your bliss, which is the easiest way to be in the flow. This has all the potential for new planet living.

  • 26. Partnerships (Magenta / Olive Green) Buy

    The number 26 reduces to 8 and relates to Saturn. This is not an easy vibration, and the main lesson is to stand on your own two feet. There is no room for co-dependency: you are God in a body and cannot be in a space where someone else does it for you. It is time to stand up and be counted so that you no longer have to face challenging personal, business or financial situations. Let go of anger and resentment; this is a time for love and radical forgiveness. The magenta in this bottle relates to Divine love and the olive to feminine leadership. These colours relate to Father God and Mother Earth, and as you make peace with them both, balance follows in all your dealings. As you find the balance of masculine and feminine within you, it becomes possible to attract a partner who reflects that balance.

  • 27. Harvest (Orange / Gold) Buy

    This bottle symbolises power and wholeness. It blesses you with courage and promises huge rewards gained through several lifetimes. Having sown in the most positive sense, you can now bring in the harvest. You and your higher self are becoming one and co-creating a magical reality. The number 27 reduces to 9 and relates to Mars. Use your power and energy wisely. Orange is the colour of bliss and enlightenment, and gold is wisdom and authentic power. This is your time.

  • 28. New Beginnings (Yellow / Pale Turquoise) Buy

    More than any other, this bottle is about a new beginning. These colours indicate that the door is finally opening in a very real and accessible way to a new era of happiness and sunshine. This bottle relates to the goddess Lakshmi who brings good fortune in her wake and whose message is to love your life right. You cannot fight or panic it into being better, you can only love it into joy. These colours bring trust, laughter and a sense of fun, and as there is nothing that will bring about a new beginning faster than joy, this bottle will help you create the reality that serves you best. Stop worrying – everything is going to be fine.

  • 29. Grace Under Pressure (Deep Turquoise / Deep Magenta) Buy

    This vibration carries the heaviest lessons of all. This is the path of the master. You will only do life in this way if you have chosen a path of accelerated healing and learning. This is the choice of the Olympic spiritual athlete. The way has been immeasurably difficult, but the outcome will be as magnificent as the journey was hard. Only those who are serious about their spiritual service and their journey towards the light will choose this path. You are back to help humanity so that it does not make the same mistakes again. Clear the past, which is based on self-judgement, and release yourself. It is time to turn the corner, stop the suffering and reap the rewards of this incredible journey. Your higher self and your angels know who you are, and you are deeply loved and supported. Honour yourself for your choices. This has been a difficult path, as you have had to lose everything to gain everything and more. Step into grace. All the debts are paid and you are free.

  • 30. Creativity (Deep Turquoise / Pale Turquoise) Buy

    This bottle is related to writers and artists who need time by themselves to let their creativity grow. Give yourself the space to let your imagination expand and flourish, and become the creator of your own life. You are gifted in the arts and a wise counsellor. Unfortunately people often want too much from you, so make space for yourself. Learn to fill your own cup so that it might overflow into the world. Set boundaries to your space and time and do something creative, for that is how you feed your soul. Do not let yourself get over-stressed or you will be flirting with burnout.

  • 31. Hermit (Pale Green / Deep Green) Buy

    This bottle relates to the Hermit in the Tarot and is about badly needing your own space and boundaries. It indicates that you are overwhelmed with life's responsibilities and need time out to rest and reflect. When life has presented you with challenges, it helps you stop and go within so that you can integrate the lessons you have learned.

    This bottle is about being able to function at the deepest levels from your heart, in the sense of making a difference in the world. If this gift is blocked or unexpressed, however, it could easily turn into martyrdom. Learn to be at peace in your own space rather than craving what others appear to have. No one has more than you. Green relates to the earth as well as the human heart chakra. As you heal your heart, you heal the earth. You have a deep connection with the earth and the devic realms. Everything you touch will grow.

  • 32. Communication (Royal Blue / Olive Green) Buy

    This is the culmination of a difficult journey, one which began long ago. It has now come to a point where you are able to make sense of it, recognise what it has taught you and let go of the persecution you have carried from previous lifetimes. You are safe now and need no longer fear that your words will be misunderstood. Your time of being ‘seen and not heard’ is over – now you can speak your truth. Your viewpoint is valid, and whatever you wish to express will be received. Royal Blue is the colour of the third eye and the ability to communicate your vision, so this is the perfect time to manifest your plans. The colour olive in the depths allows you to base your decisions on the feminine wisdom you hold within. Everything you touch is turning out positively at this time.

  • 33. Love & Magic (Pale Pink / Rose Pink) Buy

    Venus watches over this bottle and comes in bringing gifts of love, magic, money and creativity. The number 33 is a master number that carries the vibration of harmony, romance and success. This is a divinely blessed time for you. Pink is the colour of unconditional love and self-acceptance, and your ability to love yourself is your greatest gift or lesson. Everything you experience is only a reflection of what you believe you deserve. Change your mind about yourself and your whole reality will change. Love yourself and your whole universe will conspire to prove how right you are. In the pink you will find the road to tranquility and harmony in body, mind and soul.

  • 34. The Whale (Pale Turquoise / Blue) Buy

    When you choose this bottle it signifies that the difficulties are coming to an end. It is a fresh start and the birth of something new and precious. There may even be something of a surprise in store. These colours are about a shift in consciousness where you are asked to finally have complete faith that you are on purpose, in line with the greater will and perfectly on track. It is time to take stock of the past and only take with you that which will serve you in the future. There is no time for blaming or resenting. If you open instead to gratitude, this will activate your higher heart centre and connect you to the information and wisdom of everything that exists. Turquoise is faith and blue is peace, and in these colours you can find all the answers to follow your true calling with ease and grace. At the time this bottle was created, Melissie saw a baby whale being born so close to her that she could have touched it.

  • 35 The Inner Guide (Pale Lilac Blue / Pale Green) Buy

    This bottle is a peace-bringer, gently sending its harmonious light into any area of your life that is calling for it, from your relationships to your home to your work. It gifts your communications with the energy of peace and helps clear any issues of sibling rivalry. Its message is that when sibling rivalry has ended, when there are no more internal conflicts playing out as external battles, then there will be peace on this planet. This bottle’s name is ‘The Inner Guide’ because peace has always been the inner guidance of each human. If you stay still long enough you will hear the inner guidance that leads you to peace on all levels.

  • 36 The Gateway (Blue-Lilac / Blue-Lilac) Buy

    The number 36 reduces to 9, which carries the energy of completion. This bottle symbolises the ending of a cycle in your life. It is time to step through the gateway into a new way of being and doing. This gateway leads to a new landscape where your old fears and negativities no longer exist. The pale blue-lilac of this bottle helps you speak your soul's truth. It taps into the ‘peace that passes all understanding’ and helps you find that peace within you. Whatever chaos is going on around you, you will know it as an illusion and not need to be part of it. Once you have stepped through the gateway the old world will never look the same again.

  • C1. Base Chakra (Coral / Red) Buy

    This bottle supports the base chakra, balancing your energies. It helps unblock this chakra from survival issues, feelings of victimhood and patterns of martyrdom. Coral is supportive when you are experiencing relationship difficulties, and red brings calm when you are angry and frustrated. This bottle can be used to boost your energy, get grounded and step into action.

  • C2. Sacral Chakra (Gold / Orange) Buy

    This bottle is beneficial for trauma, loss of power and anywhere you are feeling abused. It can also help release any challenges you are facing around sexuality. This bottle soothes fears, settles emotions and is very calming after a shock. The colours of orange and gold together help ignite your creativity and boost ideas for artistic and writing endeavours.

  • C3. Solar Plexus (Olive Green / Yellow) Buy

    This bottle is beneficial if you are experiencing fear, anxiety or confusion. It helps with focus when studying and calms your nerves in testing situations such as exams. It is supportive when you are in need of a boost or your spirits are low. This bottle helps you see where you have been giving your personal power away so that you can claim it back.

  • C4. Heart Chakra (Turquoise / Green) Buy

    This bottle helps when suffering from heartache and relationship difficulties. It is useful when you need to express your feelings and get in touch with your heart. It may bring to the surface buried emotional trauma that you have not yet dealt with and gently help you release it – without having to re-visit the traumatic experience. This bottle is a wonderful tonic for self-care, inviting you to treat yourself with loving-kindness.

  • C5. Throat Chakra (Royal Blue / Blue) Buy

    This bottle relates to communication and trust and is helpful for stress, sleeping issues and nightmares. It supports you in speaking up and being heard and is useful when you are battling to say what you need to say. If you have ever felt 'second best', this bottle helps you recognise your worth. Acknowledge your intuitive abilities and let your higher self guide your communications so that they are clear and true.

  • C6. Third Eye Chakra (Violet / Royal Blue) Buy

    This bottle puts you in touch with your inner knowing and is helpful when you have difficulty trusting your intuition. It is supportive in overcoming grief and loss and useful for relieving panic attacks. It relates to a lifetime when you withheld your knowledge and spiritual insight out of fear and helps you trust that it is safe now to share these gifts with the world. This bottle carries the energy of initiation and shows you that the difficulties you have been facing are a path to greater awareness and wisdom. Use your inner knowing to see the bigger picture.

  • C7. Crown Chakra (Magenta / Violet) Buy

    This bottle helps activate the gift of healing and asks you to own your power as a healer. It awakens your ability to accept Divine love and then bring that love into everything you are and everything you do. It relates to a position of power in the Catholic Church in a past life and indicates that you may still be holding on to some grief and guilt from that lifetime. This bottle helps clear the cellular memories so that you can find peace, compassion and understanding for yourself and others.

  • C8. Higher Crown Chakra - The Bridge (Pink / Magenta) Buy

    This bottle is about creating a deeper, stronger connection with your soul. It is helpful when experiencing existential grief and is a powerful support for your inner child. It is beneficial for creating a loving space for a new soul and is about giving birth to something new. This could mean welcoming a baby into the family, or it could be a new venture or creative project to be nurtured into being.

  • C9. Base Chakra - The Lightbody (Clear / Clear) Buy

    This bottle indicates a need to make a decision in your life. It asks you to take complete responsibility for the creation of your reality. The more you do so, the more choice you will experience and the more you will discover that life can be based on joy. This bottle helps bring the light of clarity into any situation, including the struggles and suffering you have experienced. Begin to see those experiences as catalysts on your path. Let them awaken your compassion and a deeper understanding of yourself and others. When you are free of judgement you are open to joy, and it is joy that raises your vibration. This bottle helps your body understand that it is simply condensed light and that death and aging are just another set of beliefs that can be changed. This bottle is a gift to show you that you are the light and always have been. When you truly get this message in your cells, survival issues become a thing of the past. Step into the light and feel the joy.

  • C10. Sacral Chakra - Suchness (Orange / Rose Pink) Buy

    Rose pink brings love into the issues of abuse to which orange relates. It puts you in a state of alignment with your soul. Your soul never thought you were abused – it knew you were in a process of learning and healing. This bottle supports creative ideas and opens you to bliss and enlightenment. Here is where you can finally be at peace with the suchness of life.

  • C11. Solar Plexus Chakra - Wisdom (Gold / Gold) Buy

    This bottle is an incredible support for fear, panic attacks and phobias. It helps you step into your authentic power and claim your wisdom. It is alchemical, guiding you towards inner transformation and helping you move beyond ego. Let it assist you in activating your I AMness, and remember that you are not small and limited but powerful and Divine.

  • C12. Heart Chakra - Love (Lilac / Pink) Buy

    This bottle unites your heart with your spirit and relates to oneness and unconditional love. It connects you with the heartbeat of your soul and your true Divine loving light. This bottle reflects all the inner beauty you hold and asks you to share it with the world. Now is the time to recognise that you are one with all of humanity. This bottle may indicate grief over the loss of a mother or deep transformation of mother issues.

  • C13. Throat Chakra - I Speak My Spirit (Blue Violet / Blue Violet) Buy

    This bottle is a mixture of the blue of communication and the violet of spirituality. Its message is that once you awaken to your spirit you automatically begin to communicate from a higher perspective. Become aware of what you say and how you say it because you have the power to manifest what you speak. This bottle connects you with your intuition and helps you appreciate the perfection of each moment.

  • C14. Third Eye Chakra - Vision (Gold / Clear) Buy

    This bottle brings light into the energy centre of the third eye, clearing away fear and replacing it with clarity and truth. If there is chaos or discord unfolding around you, it asks you to keep your inner vision clear and stay in your truth and power so that you do not get pulled in by the dramas. This bottle connects you with your inner knowing and the wisdom of your higher self. Now is the time to create a clear and powerful vision for your own life and for the earth. This bottle says you came to be part of the co-creation of a Golden Age on this planet, and by holding the vision you help bring it into reality.

  • C15. Crown Chakra - Crystal Being (Clear / Lilac) Buy

    This bottle indicates that you have a clear connection to your spirit. Your gifts include lightness, clarity and the ability to emanate a high frequency of light wherever you go. You are truly ready to be of service. This bottle helps activate the crystalline grid that surrounds the earth and relates to the Crystal children who have come to support the process of conscious evolution on the planet. You have much to contribute to humanity's Ascension process simply by being the light that you are.

  • G1. Incarnating (Clear / Copper) Buy

    The message in this bottle is that you now have easy access to the wisdom of the earth. Having come from a place of being bitterly unhappy here, you can now feel deeply connected to Gaia and life on the planet. This bottle assists you in releasing difficult past lives and coming to terms with incarnation. In a certain light it shows a little flash of yellow on the centre line, which represents the joy you are now setting up for yourself.

  • G2. The Core (Copper / Copper) Buy

    This bottle is powerfully healing for those who have been through birth trauma and a great support for those who have never felt at home on the earth. It nourishes even the most jaded soul and brings warmth, hope and healing when you cannot remember your reason for being here. It is wonderfully grounding for the star children who feel so disassociated from the planet and its energies, helping them feel safe and loved. This bottle is a tonic any time you feel lost, lonely or anxious, helping you receive the love of Gaia and in turn remember your love for her. This bottle is the real ‘earth mother’, representing the grounded earthiness of someone who loves to take care of others. If this is your bottle, you have the ability to help others connect with the earth and develop their innate love for the planet.

  • G3. Return from Atlantis (Copper / Turquoise) Buy

    This bottle relates to past lives in Atlantis. It indicates that there is information and healing from your Atlantean lifetimes available to support you with whatever you are going through now. It also helps you tap into the wisdom of that time and share it in a way that is grounded and easy to understand. This bottle helps heal the trauma of the sinking of Atlantis and the abuses of power which played out at that time. It also helps heal past life trauma through a death by drowning and is supportive for anyone who feels unsafe on the planet.

    This bottle is connected to water in every form, and those who are drawn to it have the capacity to receive the flowing wisdom and power found in all the waters of the earth. It also relates to the waters of your mother’s womb and the programming you received in utero, and supports you in releasing the thoughts and feelings you took on from your mother during her pregnancy.

  • G4. Ancient Mother (Pink / Copper) Buy

    This bottle connects you with the Ancient Mother, mother of all. It helps release any issues you are holding about your physical mother or Gaia, your earth mother. It is about accessing your own mothering ability and is especially supportive for those experiencing post-partum depression. This bottle connects you with your inner child and assists in healing old childhood wounds. It helps resolve issues about being on earth and feeling unsupported or alienated and reminds you of the deep and unconditional love that Gaia holds for you. Now you can feel safe and loved on the planet. In the system this is bottle number 55, a master number, and the colours reflect the teachings of Christ, the master who brought love (pink) to the earth (copper).

  • G5. Earth Wisdom (Gold / Copper) Buy

    This is a time for the masculine and feminine to come back into balance. As all beings reclaim their feminine power, the abuse of power we have experienced during a patriarchal rule will come to an end. Stop playing God and instead claim your ability to be God. Be everything you have come to be on this planet and claim it as your home. Find the golden wisdom in your connection with the earth, expand your creative capacities and awaken to the new golden era on the planet. It is here now.

  • G6. The Goddess Awakens (Copper / Olive) Buy

    This bottle celebrates the true power of the feminine, a very new concept on a planet where most power has been expressed as a destructive force. It indicates the coming of a time on earth when all beings will be safely held in the love of Gaia and the feminine will awaken to her power and strength once again. It is time to reconnect with your powerful inner female and bring her energy into your life. The main message in this bottle is that the difficult times are over. Begin to feel the joy – everything is working out just fine.

  • G7. Gaia and The Elohim (Pale Copper / Clear) Buy

    This is where you start to really live your spirituality on the planet. This bottle says you do not have to choose between being spiritual and materially abundant. You can be both. You are the vessel through which Gaia (earth) and the Elohim (heaven) are able to communicate, and holding both these energies may feel strange until you are able to integrate them within you. This bottle is often chosen by people who have gone through enormous spiritual growth and have battled to remain grounded in the process. The light of the Divine is within you. Begin now to see that light in all beings and in the earth herself. Claim your deep connection with Gaia, the mother who has always nurtured you. At this time of rapid shift she is lifting her frequency to a higher level and will be your guide as you take the journey with her.

  • G8. Illumination (Deep Magenta / Deep Magenta) Buy

    This bottle is the darkest of the entire range. It supports you as you go into the heart of darkness in your subconscious and begin to feel the warmth and depth of the love that exists there. This is the seat of all potential. It is the moment when sleep finally overtakes you. The void. The place of dreams. This bottle is called Illumination, as it is only by going into the darkness and embracing it that you have the potential to step into the light. As you accept your shadow, you release your fears and judgements about the unspeakable that you hold within.

    This bottle brings to light the unhelpful beliefs and judgements you have been holding about your physical body and supports you in transforming them. It helps clear your genetic line of the physical, emotional and karmic patterns you have inherited. The ‘sins’ of the fathers can no longer be visited on the children once the past darkness has been illuminated. As you face your shadow, you can move beyond it to a place where you create a reality based on the light rather than the dark. Everything you have in your life exists because you created it, albeit unconsciously. Now is the time to become a conscious creator and focus on what you truly wish to create – and this bottle is the ultimate support. Let it help you clear unconscious blocks and return to clarity so that you can claim your absolute magnificence.

  • G9 Faith (Turquoise / Pale Gold) Buy

    After the darkness of bottle G8 comes a bright new vision, a shining light of turquoise and gold at the end of the dark tunnel. Now there is a new state available to you as you connect with your authentic, golden Divine power through your turquoise faith. It is faith that moved you through the dark tunnel back into the light. Without faith you would not have survived the dark night of the soul; in fact, you would not have needed to go into it. It was your faith that took you there, knowing that there was another level, closer to the Divine, closer to your true self.

    The colours of this bottle reconnect you to the flow and the knowledge that everything is on track and part of the Divine plan. It takes you beyond trust and into the truth that you are Divine and that all experiences – past, present and future – are Divine and therefore perfect. This colour combination indicates that you are a teacher who can access ancient truths and share them in a new way so that all can begin to have faith in themselves, in life and in the dawning of a new golden era on the earth.

  • G10 Impeccability (Pale Gold / Blue Lilac) Buy

    Impeccability means accepting and honouring every aspect of who you are and being clear and honest about both your shadow and your light. It is not about living up to a false standard of perfection, rather it is about seeing the perfection that already exists ¬– in yourself, in others and the world. The colour blue-lilac is about communication (blue) from your spirit (lilac). It asks you to be vigilant with your words and speak with incredible integrity because you hold the power to manifest whatever you say. When you are impeccable, words can no longer be used as weapons or instruments of manipulation. Instead they become vehicles for love and connection. This bottle relates to the masculine side of creation and asks you to make peace with the masculine side of yourself and the males in your life. It takes you into a space of silence, simplicity and deep inner stillness from which you can access the voice of inspiration.

  • G11 Generosity (Pale Coral / Pale Gold)Buy

    Coral is unconditional self-acceptance – I am perfect as I am – and pale gold is your connection to your authentic Divine self. This combination powerfully reconnects you to who you really are, a Divine creation, a magnificent human able to joyously dance your reality into being. If you are already perfect and aligned with your Divine self you can create anything, and this bottle opens you to harvest, abundance, love and joy. Now you can finally see yourself as part of the Divine's perfection. You deserve everything and more, and as you claim this you can access and generously share all of it. The love that you hold for your precious self is so magnetic that it can attract anything you focus on because you are in alignment with Divine truth. This bottle holds the softly loving power of the Divine feminine and invites you to connect with it as you explore and heal your relationship with the female energies in your life.

  • G12 I Am (Pale Gold / Pale Gold)Buy

    Choosing this bottle means you are ready to release any beliefs which keep you small and limited and align instead with your 'I AMness’, that greater part of you who is fearless, ancient and wise. Now is the time to claim yourself as part of the Divine: “The Divine is within me. I AM that.” This bottle supports you in letting go of the separating influence of addictions, which only ever keep you feeling small and separate from your Divine self. When you claim back your true power, you can be free of addictions and deeply, authentically Divine.

  • G13 Grace (Pale Gold / Pale Pink) Buy

    This delicate colour combination reminds you that only love exists and that everything you have experienced was chosen by you as an expression of Divine love. Step into grace and forgive yourself. You were never guilty, you were an expression of the Divine experiencing itself, and all of it was part of the plan. These colours indicate a rebirth, this time without the trauma of death. As you gently rebirth into your true self you remember that the Divine is love and therefore you are love. The true power that creates everything is love, love, love. This is the female face of divinity and it is beautiful – and so are you. While using this bottle it will serve you to take time every day to remember something fabulous about yourself, and if you write it down you will make it that much more real. Take time to honour your creative, intuitive vision.

  • G14 Ascension Light (Pale Gold / Clear)Buy

    This bottle intensifies the light you carry within and reminds you that you too can shine this brightly. With its clear light and radiance, this bottle attracts people who have a crystalline energy – those who are here to show humanity how to raise their vibration, how to live an enlightened life. Ascension happens when you remember that your body is made of light, that you are Divine light in physical form and that the density you perceive in your reality is an illusion. This bottle shines its light on everything that is illusionary, dispelling falsehood and leaving only the crystalline clarity of truth.

  • G15 Satori (Solid Gold / Magenta) Buy

    This bottle makes your connection with your Divine self a solid reality. It no longer floats above you as a thought or a wish. This bottle settles the truth into your cells that you are Divine and that you can live heaven on earth in this moment. This is when you remember that you never left home in the first place. Heaven is where you are, and everything you see is Divine. It has always been so. This is the state of satori.

  • G16 Serenity (Pale Coral / Platinum)Buy

    These colours are a perfect balance of Divine feminine and enlightened masculine. When these two sides of yourself are in balance and your platinum angelic self is aligned with your coral human self, serenity is the natural outcome. With these colours you can surrender into the knowledge that you are whole and that every aspect of yourself is Divine and therefore perfect. This bottle brings a wave of unconditional self-acceptance and sublime serenity as you let go of struggle, relax into the flow of the universe and allow everything to unfold with ease and grace.

  • G17 Elohim (Platinum / Gold) Buy

    This bottle connects you with the angelic beings of light we refer to as the Elohim. As their light becomes available to you and through you, begin to communicate with Divine authority and love so that all are touched by what you say, what you do and most of all, who you are. This bottle helps you know beyond any doubt that everything is perfect – including you. It is time to recognise the gold within you as an absolute fact. You are precious, you are wise and you are powerful. Open to your creative abilities and the vast blessings of the Elohim, and prepare for a special time of ease and lightness of being.

  • G18 Limitless (Pale Turquoise / Platinum)Buy

    This bottle opens you to a state of Divine flow and connection where all limits can be removed. It invites you to receive the riches and joys of the universe and share them generously. Now is the time to find out who you truly are, what you are capable of and what you most desire. This bottle activates the abundance of the universe and opens the door to a state of limitless faith. You can now manifest your reality with ease, grace and elegance. There is no room for negativity and fear. This is where you move beyond separation, division and restriction into the limitless freedom that is your true nature.

  • G19 Om (Platinum / Platinum)Buy

    G19 Om (Platinum / Platinum)

    Om is the sound of creation. It is complete oneness with all that exists. This bottle takes you to the next level and you can try and make it grand and big, but it is simply evolution. There is not really a choice anymore. You have signed up for the ride and now you have to take it all the way. This is the clearing of fear-based human DNA and the activation of love-based Divine DNA.

  • G20 Abode of Bliss (Platinum / Pale Green) Buy

    The delicate colours of this bottle help remove old energies of persecution and sibling rivalry, bringing in an awakening that is like the newest spring rebirth you could possibly imagine. The 'Abode of Bliss' is the meeting point of head and heart, spirit and matter, human and Divine. This bottle represents the enlightened heart of humanity, where every human heart connects with every other human heart and the heart of the planet. It asks you to keep your feet firmly planted on the earth, while also recognising that you are a vast Divine being – so much more than your body or your mind. As you embrace the fullness of who you are and walk that energy around the planet, you change the planet. Tap into the bliss at the heart of Gaia and spread that light wherever you go. This is the time for the awakening of humanity and the creation of a blissful new earth.

  • G21 The Beloved (Platinum / Magenta)Buy

    The name of this bottle says it all: You are beloved. You are loved and always have been. Let yourself feel the truth of this. This bottle represents everything that is Divine about you and the world. All you have been looking for is already here and has always been here, waiting for you to recognise it. If you have not allowed yourself to receive Divine love because of an underlying sense of guilt or unworthiness, in this bottle you have the remedy: magenta releases guilt and platinum is an amplifier, so these colours help you transcend the concept of guilt altogether. Guilt and love are opposites: guilt is the language of lies and love is the language of truth. Let the love in.

  • G22 Sacred Mystery (Platinum / Olive)Buy

    The number 22 is a master number, but with these colours you go beyond mastery into the ultimate expression of ‘mystery’ and explore what the female face of mastery looks like. The Divine feminine is awakening, and her power is capable of birthing a new reality on the planet. This is where power is no longer wielded as a tool of aggression but instead is an energy of potent love and compassion – a true force for change. In this bottle pale olive is married to pale blue, in a perfect synergy of Divine feminine and Divine masculine. These colours tap into the pure power and love of God, Goddess, All That Is and support you in bringing that power and love into your life so that you can experience new levels of balance and harmony. Feel the joy of recognising that everything in existence is sacred and the true power that comes when you surrender to the profound mystery of life.

  • G23 Acceptance (Clear / Pale Coral)Buy

    With this bottle you connect to the innocent joy of being yourself, without pretence or apology. This is the level of acceptance that brings true peace and freedom. Coral takes you into yourself in the deepest, most intimate way. You are asked now to claim every single thing ‘out there’ as an aspect of yourself, to accept that you are God, earth and everything in existence and that your physical form is, in a very real way, Divine. True self-acceptance is a powerful key. It unlocks the flow and abundance of the universe and offers you the joy of a life lived to the full as a human being who also happens to be Divine light. This bottle paves the way for true acceptance of yourself exactly as you are and life exactly as it is – and invites you to love every bit of it.

  • G24 Reconnection (Pale Coral / Copper)Buy

    The name of this bottle is 'Reconnection', which implies that you were always connected – you just allowed yourself to forget for a time. It enables you to be fully in your body so that you can feel your connection with Gaia, and it reconnects you with Gaia so that you can really live in your body. This bottle asks you to release whatever blocks you from accepting yourself as fully Divine and therefore perfect, as well as fully human – and therefore perfect. Every small part of you and your life that you think is not perfect has to be looked at again, and any beliefs you hold that God is guilty for creating a painful reality have to be re-examined and brought into the light.

    This bottle says you no longer need to go ‘out there’ to find God. You can now look in the mirror and see yourself as a Divine human on a fifth dimensional planet. Gaia has always been an evolved being, but out of love she has held herself in the third dimension, waiting for humanity to catch up. Feel the reconnection that comes from knowing that your earth mother has always loved and supported you and always will. Remember what it means to be plugged into the universe, reconnected with your spirit, your heart, your body and the earth. This bottle encourages you to release whatever limits you and reconnect with all that feeds your soul.

  • G25 Integration (Pale Coral / Pale Coral)Buy

    If you have been on a steep learning curve or going through an intense time of personal or spiritual growth, this bottle helps you integrate what you have learned and experienced. More than this, however, it asks you to integrate all the many aspects of yourself, from your personality to your spirit, from your shadow to your light. It is time to accept and honour the whole of you.

    You are a Divine human on earth, and this bottle shows you that Divine and human and earth are all one thing. This bottle is coral all the way through, asking you to take in the messages of coral on both a conscious and subconscious level. Coral is made up of the pink of unconditional love and the yellow of unconditional joy, which together create a powerful vision for you as an individual and for a new reality on the earth. This bottle helps you integrate it all. It calls you to step into deep, unconditional self-acceptance and move steadily towards fulfilling your destiny as a conscious Divine human on the earth.

  • G26 Alignment (Pale Coral / Diamond Clear)Buy

    This bottle brings complete transparency to everything you have kept hidden in the depths of yourself so that you no longer have to try to be something or someone you are not. As you drop the pretences, you shed the limiting fears and beliefs that have kept you out of alignment with your truth. As you align with your true self, all the way through, everything can flow from a place of balance and inner harmony. This bottle reminds you that you have always been Divine light in a human body. It supports you as you come into alignment in all aspects of your being: your light and shadow self, your Divine and human self, your inner male and female. Feel the joy.

  • G27 Unity (Diamond Clear / Diamond Clear)Buy

    The diamond clarity and shine of this bottle is a mirror that reflects all your colours, all your beauty, all your infinite light. In a system called 'Colour Mirrors', this bottle is the clearest, truest mirror of who you really are and what you are about. You are Divine light condensed into physical form, having a human experience. All that you have ever been or ever will be is Divine perfection. Remember this, and begin to live from the truth that you have never been separate from anything or anyone in the universe. Begin to live in the oneness your spirit has always known. This bottle shines with the light of Melchizedek who has been the over-lighting energy of the system since the beginning. It reveals a path to unity in mind, body, heart and soul for every human and for the planet as a whole.

  • G28 New Dawn (Turquoise / Silver)Buy

    The silver fraction in this bottle carries a very clear, high vibration and shines its light on anything in your life that has a lower vibration, helping you to see it clearly and transform it. The turquoise softens and opens your heart and leads you into the energy of Aquarius, which is about global awareness and a sense of oneness. This bottle radiates crystalline clarity, purity and simplicity. It takes you into a space of no thoughts, no limits and no baggage, where all your struggles and dramas can be accepted, dissolved and transmuted.

    If this is your bottle, you may have come into this lifetime with such a high vibration that you had to shut down because the energy of third dimensional density was too much to bear. Now is the time to re-awaken so that you can become once again the pure point of light you have always been and take your place in the world as the light-bringer you are. You are ready now to consciously embrace a new dawn for yourself and the earth at this time of global shift to a higher vibration.

  • G29 Children of the Light (Silver / Turquoise)Buy

    This bottle is for anyone who has ever found life on earth a challenge, struggled to express who they are or felt a deep inner yearning for ‘home’. The colours remind you to connect with the light of the stars and the light in your heart as a way to finally live a blessed life, right here on earth. This bottle takes you beyond the need for emotional dramas, helping you instead to allow, feel and express your feelings in the lightest, clearest and most genuine way. The turquoise in this bottle supports you in accepting all aspects of yourself with total trust, and the silver connects you with all that you have been and are still to become.

    This bottle is for you – a star child who brought your light to earth specifically so that you could assist the earth and humanity in raising their frequency. Feel the earth's gratitude for all that you do and all that you are and the blessings of the stars who hold you in their love. The soft, gentle light of this bottle perfectly mirrors the energy of peace and loving-kindness that will create a new reality on earth. This bottle links you to the light of heaven and your role in helping pave the way to a bright and beautiful future for all on the planet.

  • G30 Wisdom Keeper (Indigo / Silver)Buy

    This bottle is the starry night sky and the silver moon, inviting you to venture into the mystery of life in wonder and awe. Let this bottle awaken your deepest, wisest self. Become your own wisdom keeper, and acknowledge that you are the one you have been waiting for. It is time to allow your highest aspect to be the power in your life. You have come through many initiations to get to this point on your journey. Trust in the connection with your wise inner self and live your life based on its wisdom rather than the fears and doubts of your shadow self. You are your own best and truest guide.

  • G31 Galactic Gateway (Silver / Indigo)Buy

    This bottle is as deep as the night sky and as light as the brightest stars, and it reminds you that you have these qualities within you. It asks you to accept both your light and your shadow self so that you can return to balance and release the stories that have kept you stuck. This bottle helps bring subconscious patterns into the light of consciousness so that they may be transformed. It reconnects you with your soul's truth and assists you in creating an inner sanctuary of peace.

    This bottle is also a gateway to higher dimensions and the wider mysteries of the universe. Let yourself travel through the gateway to the galaxies and realise that you are so much more than you have believed yourself to be. This bottle encourages you to let go of fear and open to the vastness of the cosmos. Draw the radiant light of the stars into your being and let it activate deep change within you. Your existence matters. It is time now for you to own who you are and your ability to bring about shift and transformation for yourself and for the planet.

  • G32 Garden of Light (Rose Pink / Silver)Buy

    The rose pink in this bottle reflects the pure love in your heart, and the shimmering silver reminds you that you are brilliant Divine light. With the help of this bottle you can let go of trying to control your world and make it 'perfect' and find instead the hidden beauty in everything, no matter how it appears on the surface. This bottle asks you to let go of seeking approval from others and go within to find the love that is already waiting there. The beauty of the rose garden is the perfect mirror of the beauty you hold inside, and this bottle is a celebration of all that you have been and all you have yet to become.

  • G33 Tree of Love (Silver / Rose Pink)Buy

    This bottle is about being able to live in your truest state, where love is the foundation of everything. Here is a heart that has never been wounded, broken or abused. This is your true heart – and it is pure, unadulterated love. The silver in this bottle links you to your highest qualities and your greatest possibilities. The rose pink reflects the love you hold deep in your inner being. It is only love that can create a new reality on this earth, and this bottle says you ARE that love. This bottle is your call to inner mastery. Its message is that the fastest way to create miracles is to base everything in your life on love.

  • G34 The Gold Anchor (Pale Gold/Deep Magenta) Buy

    This bottle relates to the Golden Gaias. Its message is that you have a specific role to play in the creation of a new reality on the earth and gifts to share in helping humanity evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Your journey may not have been particularly easy up to this point, and you may have felt alone and unsupported at times or as if no one could see you for who you truly are. This is finally your time. This bottle says you are already connected to the power of your authentic Divine self and now you are moving to a new level of empowerment and focus. Let go of any doubt that you are divinely loved and supported. Follow the path of mastery, and anchor your light fully here on the earth. You have an immense and exciting destiny ahead of you.

  • G35 The Platinum Anchor (Platinum/Deep Magenta) Buy

    This bottle links to the Platinum Gaias, which were created specifically to remind you of your vastness. This bottle reconnects you with the star realms and the immense support they are offering at this time. The pale blue-lilac of the platinum reminds you of the power of the words you use. Whatever you speak can now be brought into manifestation, and with the deep magenta holding you in Divine love, this is a powerful time to create your vision for the future.

    This bottle is a reminder of the deep ocean of light that has always carried you. It is similar in colour to bottle G21 (The Beloved) and it too says you are deeply, permanently, divinely loved. These colours help you anchor into the earth in a new way and realise that it is safe now to bring your starry qualities into the world. This bottle facilitates the weaving of practical magic in your life and on the planet so that you can manifest whatever you desire in miraculous ways and use it for the greater good. It opens a portal on the earth through which you can draw into your life the pure, deep peace of the Divine.

  • G36 The Love Anchor (Coral/Deep Magenta) Buy

    This bottle relates to the Coral Gaias, which were created to remind you that you are a Divine being having a human experience. It is only because you have chosen to experience life in a body that you can be part of the creation of a new reality on the earth – a true heaven on earth. Heaven has never been a place ‘out there’, it has always been about a journey into the heart, which is the gateway to Divine love. The rich, sumptuous colours of this bottle remind you that love is all that exists. Here is true deep love on all levels: the unconditional self-love of coral supported by the Divine love of magenta.

    The number 36 reduces to 9, so this bottle is about completion and the end of a cycle. You now have the potential for exciting and extraordinary new beginnings as you merge your human self with your Divine self. Move forward now into a new era where everything rests on, is created from and returns to Divine love. Let your journey as a Divine human become one of joy, magic and creativity. Surrender into love and come home.