Life Is a Journey. Enjoy the Trip.


What others are saying about Regina:

“Regina is one of the most positive and determined women I know.  Her willingness to help others is reflected in her writing… sharing her personal life experiences and lessons learned from the experts… she provides inspiration, hope, and direction.”

Anne Marie Roche, Aloette Cosmetics Toronto East West – Toronto, ON

“Regina Neal, I am so happy I called you randomly that day.  When I went to your event, you imparted a nugget of wisdom, which shifted my mindset, and I’m reaping the rewards.”

Dyonne Lewis, TV Host, The Dyonne Lewis Show – Toronto, ON

“Regina has put together many great ideas and suggestions in this book. You will learn something valuable and be inspired by what you learn.  I know that I did!!!  Her book, The YOU-nique YOU, is full of many simple but awesome thoughts.  I recommend this book and attending Regina’s workshops.  You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy life’s journey and the legacy that you create.”

J.J. Domenico, Entrepreneur, Teacher – Warsaw, Poland 

“Gentle and soft-spoken in nature, Regina is still a tour de force in her determination in life. She is grounded in her faith and uses that to spread her contagious enthusiasm in her interaction with others. I am very proud of all her achievements and wish her the very best of success.”

Nikki Clarke, Host/Producer of the Nikki Clarke Show – Toronto, ON

“I have known Regina Neal for over 30 years. She is a faithful friend, warm, loving, sincere; I can count on her anytime. Also, she is fun to be with.”

Sylvia Khalil, Aloette Beauty Consultant – Richmond Hill, ON

“Regina Neal is so passionate about her mission to help others manage their skills and talents with confidence.”

Saskia Jennings, Caregiver Coach & Consultant – Toronto, ON

“Regina is a born leader who is gifted with positivity. She never sees the glass half empty, and she never gives up. Congratulations on your beautiful book. This is long overdue; you have so much to give, and you give from your love and knowledge.”

Andrea Lavallee, Author, Reiki Master, Empowerment Awareness Life Coach – Toronto, ON 

“Regina, I always feel more confident when you are around because of your encouragement. I am blessed to know you.”

Honour Louise Meredith, Aloette Beauty Consultant – Burlington, ON

“The ‘Boosting Confidence and Courage’ program created by Regina Neal, and experienced personally by me, is one of the most comfortable thought-provoking programs that I have enjoyed. The step-by-step movement of this program awakens one’s own creativity and self-confidence. This program flows with ‘ease and grace‘ allowing me, the participant, to think calmly and approach my own goals with a new vision of my own capabilities! Yes, this experience was very exciting for me!

“Regina is an extremely heart-driven facilitator who adds to this program a feeling of total acceptance and excitement that allows the creative forces inside to come forth—yes, this one is a Winner!”

Catherine Anne Clark, A Celebration of Women, www.acelebrationofwomen.org – Toronto, ON

“Regina, you never cease to motivate me to excel and challenge myself to do more. You are a natural at coaching.”

Seran So-Ham, Project Management – Toronto, ON

“You were an amazing person as my best friend in high school and more amazing now, loving, kind, and true to yourself. I could not have asked for a better best friend. Everyone that knows you are better for it. Thanks for the memories.”

Lima Young-Hart, Longtime Friend – Milton, ON